Zenith Comes Alive with TMEG

Exceeding your vision from concept to completion is TMEG Productions’ goal for every world-class event. Delivering innovative ideas, impeccable service, and incredible themes are what propels TMEG to the top of the list for destination management companies (DMC) and for Zenith Live, it was a celestial celebration from start to finish. Known as the Zscaler Cloud Summit, it's a gathering of top executives from Microsoft, Salesforce, GE and more that brings forward thinkers from around the globe to Las Vegas. Exchanging new ideas and innovations, Zscaler tracked down the creative minds at TMEG Productions to orchestrate their growing convention.

Next gen show moments were a top priority for TMEG’s entertainment team, advocating a perfect match of visual excellence and audible elegance for attendees. Bringing in musical acts with contrasting genres yet complementing sounds was the basis for electro-classical trio Zen String Girls, live band Crowd Theory, and DJ Christina Flame, all of whom brought their own style to the party. Ranging the floor freely, electronic violinists flaunted their neon green LED suits and glowing smiles throughout the summit while DJ Flame burned up dance floors with her intuitive mixing skills.

In addition to the mood setting excitement, TMEG evolved keynote speeches into keynote spectacles as the ring rolling stage performers, Spin-FX, swiveled throughout opening ceremonies. Other bigger than life encounters impressed guests as 10-feet tall LED stilt walkers were provided by Champagne Creative to heighten the Zscaler Cloud Summit. Bringing ideas to life is TMEG’s mantra, and with that in mind, THINK IT INK IT, an instant shirt printing company, was brought on-board to engineer memorabilia for guests to remember their night by.

An illuminating event, unworldly concepts designed for Earth were capitalized upon with floating planets over swimming pools, LED performers, next-level decor, and awe-inspiring stunts. Further showing that any idea, whether miniscule or monumental, can be manifested under the imaginative geniuses at TMEG Productions.

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