Wix Weekend: A Complete Retreat

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

On the third weekend of September under the clear blue skies of California, URJ Camp Newman was the site of a much needed break for one impressive tech company. The website development juggernaut,, gathered all 100 of their San Francisco office employees and made the collective journey north to celebrate their seasonal retreat.

Adults at Play

Arriving on Friday at 11 AM, the Wix family began their getaway with room check-in’s to beautiful cabins where bunk beds, branded sleeping bags, and balconies with epic views awaited. Once all set up, the campers met for a quick luncheon then scattered to TMEG’s field day which featured giant foosball, mega sumo wrestling, and cotton candy for all to enjoy. 

Influenced by Wix’s love for the movie Jaws, TMEG brought this idea to life with a poolside dive-in movie showcasing the classic film. Going a step further, TMEG brought in a mechanical shark daring everyone to test their luck.

Sangria Challenge

After a few hours of slip n slides, cotton candy, and live music, the Wix team voyaged to Camp Newman’s amphitheater to partake in the much anticipated sangria challenge. TMEG’s sommelier, Renato, utilized the breathtaking views of wine country and his expertise in fine wines to host the competition. The friendly vibes of field day quickly diminished as competition began to fuel teams like Sangre Pura, Sabertooth Tiger, and Otoño Con Wix to create their best concoction for Renato’s judgement.

After all the oranges were sliced, wines poured, and bottle logos designed, Renato made the rounds to each table asking every team leader for their resulting product and sales pitch. Some were sweet, others tart, but Renato described one team as near perfect - Otoño Con Wix. 

Attributed to their last minute marketing strategy, Otoño Con Wix presented their sangria with an aesthetically pleasing fruit platter paired with a branding pitch that resembled something from ABC’s Shark Tank. Winners of the competition, Otoño Con Wix received their first place medals as well as bragging rights for the rest of the weekend.

The Fun Begins at Night

Continuing throughout the night, festivities opened with a post-dinner campfire S’mores Station. TMEG’s arrangement of delectable sweets included Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Cookies ‘n Cream, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. A perfect opportunity to bond, the tech giant’s staff shared stories, laughs, and treats that symbolized the feel good nature of Wix.

The positive vibes carried over to the evening’s main attraction - Wix’s Silent Disco Glow Party. From deep house to hip hop, the office’s resident DJs provided an electrifying spin on the night.

TMEG’s detailed planning of Camp Newman weekend creatively featured mechanical sharks, silent raves, and giant foosball, all of which summarize the fun, diverse nature of the Wix family. On the third weekend of September under the clear blue skies of California, TMEG Productions delivered not just an event for Wix San Francisco, but an extraordinary experience.

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