Wix Miami: Downtown Skies, Uptown Vibes

A memorable speech with countless cheers, & TMEG Productions came together to create an undeniable event under the cool skies of Downtown Miami. Hosted at the W Hotel’s Whisper Wet Deck, our rooftop collective brought laughs, lights, and blazing entertainment.

Celebrating a successful third year for Wix’s South Florida branch, Operations Coordinator, Dax Pedraza, contacted the worldwide Destination Management Company, TMEG Productions, to develop a holiday themed bonanza worthy of Miami’s enthusiastic partying reputation.

Finding the perfect venue that offered incredible views, delectable foods, and cost-effective pricing all in one package, TMEG’s event coordinators dug deep into their database of venues to see which options were available. As a result, The W Hotel’s Whisper Wet Deck, a rooftop space featuring skyline sights and a swimming pool, was chosen as the perfect hosting site.

Having to schedule four hours worth of entertainment was TMEG’s entertainment coordinators’ first task, debating on whether to book comedians, bands, or dancers. Continuing the theme of exotic, yet elegant, the team concluded on bringing in body contortionists to set a mellow mood, then contrasting the calmer vibes with a high-energy fire performer.

Influenced by the Miami skyline, TMEG’s decor team complemented its tropical performers with LED pieces like cornhole, uplighting, and karaoke machines. Going forward, the custom floral pieces, lush furniture, and Wix branded gobos gave personality to an already astounding rooftop venue.

Impressed with TMEG’s efforts, honored guest Nadav Abrahami, the founder of Wix, dedicated a heartfelt speech to his company, team, and everyone involved in the pristine occasion. Finishing off the evening with a salud to a successful year, Abrahami personally thanked TMEG’s CEO Thien-Nga “T” Palmer on the gathering and extended confidence to an even more productive partnership in 2018.

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