Wherewolf: London’s Creepiest Venues

Between Jack the Ripper, Werewolves, and Sweeney Todd, whether real or imaginary, London is known for its tendency to be on the creepier side of life. Mix in gloomy weather, dim street lights, and a despondent population whose ancestors survived the Black Plague, and you’ll see where Mary Shelley found the inspiration to write Frankenstein. As a Destination Management Company (DMC), our event managers, decor designers, and entertainment coordinators embrace hair raising experiences as shown with our Tim Burton themed parties at the mysterious Houdini Estate in Los Angeles. Keeping that in mind, here are TMEG’s choices for London’s creepiest venues to host your event.

The Vaults

Located across from the Park Plaza Hotel, 2014 Lambeth ‘Business of the Year’ winner, The Vaults, is a creative space that is as cirque as it is chic. A tunnel-esque structure gives those hosting the ability to produce neon party yoga sessions, runway modeling events, or the most skin crawling fairytale gatherings. Olivier nominated, Alice’s Adventures Underground, is held at The Vaults, a twisted reimagining of the popular children's book, which reaffirms that this venue is perfect for themed corporate events from Peter Pan to Pan’s Labyrinth.

The Postal Museum

Go back to over one hundred years ago when railroads were the future of transportation at The Postal Museum. Buried seventy feet underground, guests can take an educational tour showing the progress of railway travel. For those looking to tap into a more anxiety-filled portion of their imagination, host your event at the Mail Rail, a never ending hidden tunnel filled with dark passageways, rusted walls, and grimy railroads. A place guaranteed give a thrilling experience, yet make every attendee second guess their decision to venture into the underneath.

The Ivory Vaults

Named after its structural design, the Ivory Vaults is a ten-thousand square foot underground venue that exceeds over two-hundred years in age. Hosting knightly tournaments and mystical performances, the Ivory Vaults produces Medieval Banquets, Masquerade Balls, and Viking extravaganzas, capitalizing on its inherently spooky theme. Guests who attend events at the Ivory Vaults sit in one of their dozen chambers around fine linens, eerie chandeliers, and otherworldly decor. Those looking to host a night of abnormal elegance need not go any further than the Ivory Vaults, a true blend of haunting and daunting.

The great city of London is no stranger to the supernatural and these venues are great examples of its tendency to stroll into the sinister side of life. TMEG Productions welcomes those who dare to host their event among the supernatural.

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