Six years ago, touring violinist Thien-Nga Palmer, better known as “T,” decided to turn her passion of performing arts into a start-up business. Utilizing skills gained through booking international tours, T grew her idea of an entertainment agency into a full-service destination management company.

Developing an idea into a multi-divisional unit, TMEG now handles venues, travel, entertainment, marketing, sales and more. With growth comes expansion, and in the fall of 2017, a thirteen-thousand square foot warehouse featuring a few dozen offices, two kitchens, a conference room, creative staging space, and a massive storage area became TMEG’s new headquarters to solidify our foundation as a worldwide leader in event planning.

A New Home

Beginning with the event coordination offices, this area allows our team of event planners to gather new and exciting ideas for our clients. Handling venues, decor, and furniture selections, our staff can now brainstorm in creating innovative concepts to make every occasion special.

Bringing ideas to life is what TMEG is all about; by utilizing a green screen to create mockups that our client can review, decor and furniture choices can be made in person for their event.

Little Asian, Huge Space

Speaking of space, our warehouse boasts over six-thousand square feet of storage for all of our stage production, audiovisual, and PA equipment. This area gives us the flexibility to compile inventory for our rental department.

Providing engaging content, TMEG’s marketing department interacts with prospective clients from around the globe through captivating videos, informative blog articles, and social media posts showcasing our fun company culture.

Every special occasion needs a headlining act, and everything from BMX stunt artists to Grammy-winning musicians is what our event entertainment experts deliver.

Last but not least, T’s executive office will be where the most important meetings with clients take place. Soon to be TMEG’s biggest suite, this will be the perfect environment for T to handle our most important accounts and events.

The past five years have seen a lot of success for TMEG Productions, and our new home is just the beginning in helping us bring extraordinary services to you, our valued client.

Global Headquarters

2060 E Pama Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89119 USA

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