Three Holiday Drinks That Will Make Your Jingle Bell Rock

Between Black Friday insanity and New Year's calamity, the holiday season’s endless shopping trips, massive kitchen clean-ups, and non-stop gift wrapping can be as stressful as it is cheerful. Here at TMEG Productions, we all know the tinsel-laced grind as our biggest events are hosted during the most wonderful time of the year. After our efforts in event coordination, talent booking, production setups, and jingle bell rock, we spend a lot of time unwinding to spirits that lift our spirits (pun intended). Here are three of our favorite drink recipes that will make your holidays feel a little more jolly.

Holiday Mule

Thought to have originated in Los Angeles in 1941, the famed Moscow Mule has become a cornerstone to establishments in the twenty-first century. Its Buddy the Elf cousin, the Holiday Mule, is a fun twist on an American icon. Half an ounce each of simple syrup and cranberry juice, mixed with one and a half ounces of gin or vodka (maybe both depending on how bad traffic at the mall was), and finally poured over chilled ginger beer creates this festive concoction. To complement taste with holiday flare, add one rosemary sprig, an orange slice, and sugared cranberries for a garnish that will even bring a smile to the Grinch’s face.

Jingle Juice

"Best served with friends, gather your favorite elves to share laughs, stories, and holiday spirit with TMEG’s Jingle Juice."

If the Holiday Mule is for a nightcap, then Jingle Juice is for a night out. This pitcher-based recipe brings Yuletide cheer in bulk as if Costco had a sale. Starting with five cups of orange juice, mix one cup of vodka, a third cup of orange liqueur, a splash of fresh lemon juice, and finish with maraschino cherries to develop something guaranteed to make you jingle all the way. Best served with friends, gather your favorite elves to share laughs, stories, and holiday spirit with TMEG’s Jingle Juice.

Whoville Whiskey Sour

Feeling a little green this holiday? Try our Whoville Whiskey Sour that’ll grow both your heart and your buzz! Four ounces of cinnamon-flavored whiskey, a splash of lemon juice, and a single ounce of cranberry simple syrup shaken over ice brings everyone together like The Whos on Christmas Eve. This drink is a TMEG favorite and one we’ll be serving all night at our company’s holiday party this season.

See any holiday spirits that sparked your interest? Reach out to us for your next event and we can work with our in-house cocktail program manager to bring any of these delectable delights to you!

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