San FranDisco Inferno

In one of the hottest music scenes in the world,’s San Francisco office held their Holiday party to close out an exciting year for the company’s fastest growing branch. As the final event for TMEG Productions’ Q4 lineup covering Wix’s Miami, New York, SF, and Los Angeles (DeviantArt) campuses, the event production and decor team chose to close out the incredible year with a new thematic approach.

Inspired by 1970s films like Disco Inferno and Staying Alive, TMEG’s decor, entertainment, and event production coordinators chose Studio 54 to be the basis for the party. Building on this Saturday Night Fever, TMEG decided Dogpatch Studios, a beautiful warehouse featuring high ceilings and wood floors, would be the perfect place to host.

Filled with disco balls, retro furniture, and plenty of classic hits from Earth, Wind, & Fire, TMEGs decor team put the groove in groovey as noticed by the 325 guests. Greeted with a glass of bubbly from TMEG’s Strolling Champagne girl, attendees instantly took note the gold and black branded glassware, giant Lite Brite, and flip books station. The Vice President of Wix’s Human Resources approved, even pointing out his favorite feature of the night - an expansive vinyl wall covered in records from the Age of Aquarius.

Just like the Great American Disco, the focal point of TMEG’s event designers was the dance floor. Branded with a massive Studio 54 logo, the floor space was littered with 1970’s dressed roller skating servers zipping around encouraging everyone to get down. Finishing on a high note, Wix’s dance off helped cap the night as the Director of US Operations, Kayla Crooks, awarded the disco ball trophy to the dancer who most felt the funk.

TMEG Productions and came together yet again to create a San FranDisco Inferno for the ages.

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