Samba Mamba: TMEG Brings Brazil to

From the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco to the golden sands of South Beach, TMEG Productions pushes forward again to bring innovative themes for a treasured client. The website building superpower celebrated its continued success as their Californian and Floridian offices gathered to let loose and mingle amongst another experiential company outing. As one of TMEG's most trusted partners, the event, decor, entertainment, and logistics teams met to create a theme as exotic and beautiful as the South American Rainforest itself. Brazilian Carnival, an eccentric and world-famous festival marking the beginning of Lent was chosen as drum lines, salsa dancers, and ostrich feather headdresses blended in parading unison to give & TMEG Productions plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Hosted at San Francisco’s most versatile and elegant venue, the Terra Gallery, this 24,000 square foot event space met all of TMEGs top tier standards with flawless wood floors, open format displays, vaunted ceilings, and expansive bar areas. Utilizing its pearl white walls as a canvas rather than backdrop, TMEG created an illuminating ambiance with dozens of uplights, neon umbrella chandeliers, LED furniture pieces, and perhaps their most iconic asset, an alluring flower wall. Immersed by its sight, TMEG's entertainment team delivered on another level as a full drum company arrived midshow to elevate Wix’s experience into another world. Dance floors burned as feet shuffled, hands clapped, and smiles arose giving guests an authentic Brazilian bash over six-thousand miles away from Rio de Janeiro.

On the other side of the country, Wix’s South Beach division came together for the first time since their heralded holiday party on the rooftops of Miami’s skyline. More grounded in approach, TMEG's event unit chose something closer to home with the artistic production house, MAPS. The famed studio known for its features in movies, television, and photoshoots gave TMEG more glam and less bland for its esteemed client's big night. Neon ping pong, foosball, hot pink food trucks, and giant soccer balls complemented the MAPS venues urbanized walls, stacked cargo structures, and illuminated trees, helping set a trendy mood throughout the evening. Guests gained memories of friendship on a night filled with cupid shuffling, food trucking, and flip cupping with their co-workers, building a more unified grouping of An ensemble of colorful ideas encompassed Miami’s executives once more, exemplifying why the base of creatives behind TMEG are some of the best in the industry.

Going back to back for events is never easy. Thankfully, TMEG's roster of proven planners utilized a unique theme to help deliver another extraordinary experience. Drum lines & good times was their aim, giving example to the exoticism of South American culture in all its glory. TMEG believed a tradition as recognizable as a Brazilian Carnival could be brought to North America and adapted faithfully. Luckily for all those in attendance, the Samba Mamba came to life to solidify TMEG's stance on delivering experiences globally.

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