Road to Coachella: What to Expect in 2018

This week, thousands of people will migrate to a little piece of the Golden State known as Indio, California. In this desert heavy area of Riverside County, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be hosting its nineteenth annual show. Known for its eclectic lineups, creative concepts, and celebrity guests, Coachella has quickly become the most recognizable music festival in the world. Past performers include Eminem, Hans Zimmer, AC/DC, and Beyonce, although the most famous appearance was made by legendary rapper Tupac Shakur as a computer generated hologram, nearly sixteen years after his untimely death. TMEG Productions provides a Coachella-themed party option for clients who are looking to bring the most-hyped musical and artistic showcase to their next event, and in the spirit of these next two wondrous weekends, here is was to expect from Coachella in 2018.

Huge Performances

The other day scheduled headliner Beyonce announced she would be expanding her ensemble of backup dancers from eleven to over one-hundred, setting off trending feeds on social media in the process. This type of above expectations mentality is how Coachella operates and can be attributed to its success. Attendees can expect the unexpected as nearly every artist will bring their A-game and perhaps some guest surprises throughout the show.

Celebrity Guests

A common theme among millennials is spending on experiences rather than expenses, showing that things to do are far more rewarding than funds spent on dues. R&B singer Rihanna, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, and NFL MVP Cam Newton have all been spotted attending Coachella in the past, showcasing the social and artistic importance of big name embraces throughout the festival’s themes since 1999. These guest appearances further back the ideology that Coachella’s platform helps dictate and influence pop culture importance throughout the calendar year, giving big names a more impactful standpoint simply by showing where their interests reside.

Your Money's Worth

This section refers to the reality that no matter your musical preference, you will be receiving your investment in experiencing Coachella. Not one to shy away from the unorthodox, Coachella’s talent bookers are some of the best in the world in recognizing domestic and international trends. Utilizing this thought process on predicting the future, Coachella has been recognized as a tastemaking entity, proving further their investment on new ideas pays off in the long run. Before Hans Zimmer began his international orchestral tour, selling out nearly every show, his first massive performance was in front of a curious but new Coachella crowd in 2017. Additionally, EDM juggernauts Baauer, Above & Beyond, and Deadmau5 all spinned in front of the desert drawn crowd before becoming icons within their respective fields. Again, this type of forward thinking and above expectations ideology are some of the reasons why Coachella is viewed as the Super Bowl of musical performances.

TMEG’s celebration of the greatest music festival on Earth are some reasons to why our clients ask for differing but clever themes such as Coachella. Realizing the imperfect, but impactful pushes that musical gatherings make on our societal values are why TMEG chooses to embrace this artistic renaissance. Festivals like Coachella help build pathways for fans to expand horizons in 2018, which thankfully, TMEG Productions realizes and hopes to build for generations to come.

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