How to Plan the Greatest Corporate Holiday Party Ever

As we approach the final stretch of 2018, festivities and feelings of yuletide cheer arise with companies looking to close out the year on a high note. Fortune 500 organizations realize the importance of gatherings as bringing together employees, friends and family helps boost morale, retention levels, and general optimism for the New Year. Here at TMEG Productions, our specialty in planning events around the world truly shines as years of experience has shown the importance of these winter-time bonanzas. For those overwhelmed with the task of planning their company’s get together, look no further than here on how to plan the greatest corporate holiday party ever!


Just like buying lights for a Christmas tree, the first thing you have to recall is how big it is going to be so you don’t over or under spend. Sending out company RSVPs, following up on confirmations, and having a solid prediction on how many employees and/or guests will be arriving is a must when planning your event. Once guest counts are finished, researching a venue, time, date, food and beverage choices, decor and theme can be looked into.

Timing is Everything

We spend more time with their co-workers than friends and family, so it is important to realize not everyone will be enthusiastic about taking away their hours at home to extend those around colleagues. Because of this, it’s imperative to determine when your event will take place. Data gathered by Winston Battalia shows more than two-fifths of corporate events will take place during the lunch hour, which seems like a reasonable request as the entire organization would prefer to co-mingle and eat than work on tax reports or partnership presentations. But when applied in real time however, the actual implementation is difficult as meetings are scheduled, customers continue to call, and deadlines must be met during busy office hours. When figuring a time, ask yourself: would you rather have a higher turnout with people spending less time at your party or fewer people with more face-time among peers? In that question alone, having your event during or out of office hours will be answered.

Building Your Team Here at TMEG Productions, we employ dozens of people to help develop, execute, and evaluate our parties. Knowing that single handedly planning events is nearly impossible, building a trustworthy, creative and fun team to help with your corporate holiday vision is key. While it’s easy to simply ask those closest to you to assist, try branching out and finding people who are naturally inclined and enthusiastic about throwing a great party. Consult the executive for suggestions, send out a mass email, or try scouting the break room for prospects to accommodate. What is truly needed for your event are people who don’t mind spending time to ensure others have the best experience possible. But beware, too many cooks in the kitchen can lead to grease fires! So gather three to five colleagues and begin curating ideas on how make this party the best the office has ever seen.

Food, Booze and Activities For Your Festivities

Determining a location and time for guests seems difficult but may actually be the easiest part of the planning process. Where hardship lies is solidifying catering, bar options and things for guests to do during the event. Have a realistic budget that can cover enough food and drink for attendees plus extras, people will always be happy taking home leftovers but the opposite if catering runs out. Next, speak with coworkers around the building, see if having beer & wine will suffice, if not, have the bar stocked with essential spirits: whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin and rum. If your company is a bit more of the partying type, always prepare with additional inventory as you can return what is not opened. Lastly, having music by either a band or DJ livens moods and dance floors alike as well as gives opportunity for coworkers to let loose and dance the night away. Bringing in other cool ideas such as gift exchanges, interactive games and magicians truly set parties a part as it evolves into an extraordinary experience.

Thank You for Coming Out

The following workday after a corporate holiday party is filled with happiness, hangovers and holiday cheer as colleagues reminisce and laugh at what just occurred. As you enjoy the 15 minutes of fame around the building, remember that it’s the guests who make or break a party. Take time to thank everyone for coming out, especially those who assisted in the cleaning up after the show ended. Take notes on what worked for your event and did not, that way in a year you can improve and have an even more memorable experience. Using TMEG’s tips as a guideline, we can guarantee that your event will be a success, but if not, feel free to give us a call to bring world class experience to your corporate holiday party.

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