How TMEG Took Over MAU 2018

The largest gathering of mobile professionals was held on April 25-26 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. MAU, a renowned conference covering the next phase in tech evolution featured keynote speakers from Apple, Lyft, Adobe, NBC Universal, and Pinterest to address the current state of mobile devices and apps. In addition to speakers, companies in attendance included industry leaders Adidas, Time Warner, Ebay, Bumble, T-Mobile, and perhaps the most recognizable superpower, Amazon. Fans, influencers, early adopters, and regular patrons flocked to the site in hopes of capturing a glimpse of next gen trends in the form of open expos, panel sessions, and meet & greets. As a leader in their own respective industry, TMEG Productions was contacted to help arrange the MAU Conference and bring its own creative flair to a convention loaded with innovation. Giant Etch-A-Sketch, Pacman, and Virtual Reality sets were some of TMEG’s concepts, giving guests an engaging and forward thinking way to discover their virtual selves.

A weekend filled with the brightest minds on the most advanced platforms was MAU’s goal, highlighting future entrepreneurs, endeavors, challenges, and solutions. TMEG’s entertainment and rentals departments were asked to help deliver that vision for two days in the MGM Marquee Ballroom. Recognizing the viral trend that is Virtual Reality, TMEG’s creatives came to agreement in bringing the next world into our own by featuring a custom VR booth with three VR-ready computers and pairing Oculus Rift sets. Investing in the next evolution of extraordinary experiences, TMEG arranged three viewpoint televisions above satin white couches for those in another reality to relax comfortably while others witnessed the action first hand. Arms waved in wonder as participants entered digital surroundings, chasing bad guys, completing objectives, and working alongside teammates in an audio visual experience like no other.

Those who sought more traditional forms of entertainment needed to not look any further than TMEG’s booth where a giant Etch-A-Sketch was on full display. Knobs turned as ideas came to life when passerby’s stopped to create their best drawings in a pop culture icon created nearly sixty years ago. Furthermore, another legendary piece was brought in for the MAU booth, Pacman, the Japanese-based arcade game that originated in the 1980s before becoming the face of an entire industry. Pacman heads with buttons and joysticks made up the piece that featured four playable sections giving guests enough room for their friends to enjoy the classic game in unison. Lastly, a third megastar in video games was available for interaction, Giant Tetris, the stackable block game was a big hit for patrons. Forming aligned bricks to eliminate rows before the timer runs out gives quite the thrill to any Tetris player, and those who visited the TMEG booth could attest to its intensity.

TMEG Productions turned to the next generation of entertainment for its MAU Conference experience, helping push creative frontiers forward. Giant Pacman, Etch-A-Sketch, Tetris, and Oculus Rift VR systems were a prime example of the TMEG crew adapting to client needs in order to enhance any request. Having innovation and creation come together in cutting edge fashion, the MAU Conference for 2018 helped elevate TMEG into another world.

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