Gotham Sites & Dark Knights

One of the final shows for the 2017 lineup,’s newest addition, Flok, was set to celebrate their big move as TMEG Productions strived to add memories old and new in New York City.

Seeking inspiration for themes, TMEG’s decor and event coordinators looked to the Big Apple’s influence in pop culture as Gotham City from DC Comics’ “Batman” series was selected. Urban alleyways, colorful villains, and standards as golden as Batman’s utility belt was the basis for the decor team who pushed for innovation through decoration. Chateau barstools, gothic highboys, and midnight chandeliers were some of the many pieces brought into the Flash Factory Nightclub where matching cathedral furniture and stained glass windows already resided.

In continuation of this Dark Knight concept, TMEG’s entertainment team researched costumes for waiters, bartenders, performers, and DJs to wear during the evening. Harvey Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and The Joker all made appearances throughout the night as even billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne stopped by for a quick cameo. Between spinnin’ records, performing sleight of hand magic tricks, and stilt walking, these Gotham City supervillains helped build the environment TMEG set out to create.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with whiskey based mules aptly named the Batjuice served with “just ice,” (pun definitely intended). Open bar areas, karaoke contests, Joker LED illusion lighting, and Gotham green screen photo booths gave attendees plenty of activities to enjoy. The December 8th event helped generate momentum for the New Year as Wix and TMEG Productions guaranteed their return in 2018.

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