Fashion in Action: MAGIC 2018

Nearly eighty-five thousand people will be flocking to the city of lights this month to attend the globally recognized Men’s Apparel Guild in California (MAGIC) show hosted at Mandalay Bay. Hosts of the gathering, UBM Fashion Inc., handles nearly a trillion dollars in revenue yearly and is considered an industry leader with events around the country. Headquartered in Las Vegas, TMEG Productions’ convenient location provides vendors with on-site access to last minute furniture rentals, decor, lighting, and event staff.

Innovative startup companies looking to break through to the next level of success are focal points of MAGIC as the convention gives both vendors and attendees a platform to showcase their best work. Past celebrity guests also desiring fashionable ideas include Beyonce, Spike Lee, and Katy Perry, additionally, UFC fighters have appeared promoting athletic wear such as Amir Sadollah.

Seeking inspiration, many attendees arrive looking for the next big style to takeover both the fashion industry and mainstream culture. Those involved utilize MAGIC to meet with sales reps, store owners, and online boutiques shops in hopes of expanding business interests. Staying in tune with contemporary design, TMEG strives to transform the latest trends into extraordinary experiences through event production, entertainment, decor and most of all, fashion.

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