Down the Rabbit Hole with Hawthorne Gardening's 'Mad Hatter' Party

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Magic was in the air for Hawthorne Gardening’s long-awaited MJBizcon 2018 after-party kicked off in spectacular fashion gaining awe-inspiring reviews from guests. Utilizing every avenue of creativity was TMEG Productions’ goal as the global destination management company was selected to bring an over the top ‘Mad Hatter’ theme to the marquee event. Blanketing The Industrial Space in sights and sounds reminiscent of somewhere down the rabbit hole, TMEG’s strategic approach pushed boundaries as decor, lighting, furniture, performers and more blended beautifully for one of the year’s most remarkable gatherings.

All Hands on Deck

An all hands-on-deck push from the TMEG crew generated a synergetic flow for Hawthorne Gardening’s celebration as relentless efforts transformed an outlandish concept into a well-executed jamboree. Themed items included an Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland DJ booth, LED teacup swings, hanging chair art pieces and a custom garden wall with open ports to serve champagne for guests upon entry. No expense was spared in this innovation through decoration as TMEG’s designers and production staff brought Wonderland to life for Hawthorne’s night of delights.

Delectable snacks and appetizers were available as the famed Wonderland dinner table was brought to fruition during the event. Triple chocolate covered treats, mint macarons and top hat shaped cookies filled the snack bar where guests witnessed the depth of detail that accompanies TMEG’s skill set. Traveling further down the rabbit hole, TMEG’s talent department loaded the venue up with costumed bar staff, magicians and contortionists to support the “We’re All Mad Here” mantra. Mad Hatter DJs, Cheshire cat servers and more were abundant as interactions with attendees immersed the party and elevated expectations with those involved.

We're All Mad Here

Entertainment was the name of the game with the Hawthorne Gardening’s showcase as atmospheric performers, card gamesmen, levitators, jugglers and painters gathered to decompress guests and illuminate minds. As known in any great company party, employees that drink together sync together, and maintaining an environment of elation was priority for TMEG Productions. Keeping hearts and drink cups filled while bringing blue-chip talent under one roof to solidify the night helped push Hawthorne Gardening’s celebration into bar raising territory as employees, friends and family were mesmerized from start to finish.

Decor, furniture, LED signage, performers, equipped bar staff and dozens of other areas were reimagined to turn an empty space into a land of wonder. Truly utilizing and capitalizing on every opportunity to metamorphosize Hawthorne Gathering’s desires into reality, TMEG Productions designed a celebration that even Alice could be proud of. Delivering extraordinary experiences from concepts to completion is TMEG’s way of life and if you just travel down the rabbit hole a bit, you may find that we’re not all mad here.

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