Tips to Make Your Event Memorable at CES 2018

Hosted in the electric city of Las Vegas, the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will exhibit the latest and greatest technology from juggernauts like Google, Samsung, and Honda. The yearly conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center was first created in 1967 and has been on the forefront of a worldwide phenomenon for over 50 years. As an event production and global destination management company, here are TMEG’s five tips to making your event stand out from the crowd at CES 2018.

State of the Art Entertainment

Pop culture’s obsession with futuristic movies like Star Wars and Blade Runner show that tech-based performers will always be a highlight for anyone's evening. Luckily, TMEG’s state of the art event entertainers can awaken every booth’s potential by bringing DJs, futuristic dancers and costumed models to help attract attendees to your booth.

An Inviting Atmosphere

Having a consistent color scheme combined with great furniture pieces highlight your brand, bringing an inviting atmosphere to your booth. Comfortable couches, stylish chairs, and large table space give your event production a place for guests to hang out and familiarize themselves with new products. TMEG’s vast rental department can accommodate any booth specifications and our professional event designers can tailor to your expectations.

Effective Branding

CES’ biggest draw for vendors is the outstanding press coverage for new products, something freebies are great for with getting your brand into the right hands. Years ago, company branded USB drives were the biggest craze at CES, but now with TMEG’s printing services your company can be featured on sunglasses, wireless charging pads, and anything you feel will help give your brand an experiential competitive edge.

Taking Your Brand Home

In addition to freebies, having your brand featured on visible and attracting booth pieces can reinforce your company in the minds of consumers. Virtual reality screens, giant lite-bright stations, 4K displays, and lots of tangible pieces in between can show stability and a sense of direction to attendees. Our production staff’s synergetic approach to every event we do showcases your brand organically.

Can't Spell "Success" Without CES

Having event space at CES is a proven method to increasing your brand awareness, connecting with consumers, and establishing rapport amongst the tech community. TMEG’s event team can help bring your vision to life through stunning entertainment, luxurious decor, and branding for your products to receive consumers and create new customers. To learn more, visit

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