Best Las Vegas Team Building Activities

Over nineteen thousand conventions were held in Las Vegas in 2017 with support from superstar brands like IBM, Amazon, and Home Depot. Attendance levels vary from a few dozen up to hundreds of thousands of guests traveling to Vegas in hopes of networking and learning about new products and services. As informative as conventions can be, at some point it’s important for company employees to let loose and enjoy all the fun Sin City has to offer. For that, we at TMEG Productions have put together our favorite places for companies looking to team build during their event in Las Vegas.

Lockdown Escape Rooms

A huge trend in entertainment as of late are escape rooms, themed mazes for groups to work together in solving puzzles, riddles, and mysteries to unlock doors and win games. In addition to businesses in Phoenix and San Diego, Lockdown Escape Rooms also operate three separate Las Vegas locations. Themes include Hostage Rescues, Mob Bosses, the Wild West, and Pharaoh's Curse; a 60-minute course set in ancient Egyptian tombs. Team building is abundant at Lockdown as working together is key for groups of 3-8 people outsmarting the game in under an hour to win.

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Divine Events + Cafe Cooking Class

Thirty years of experience in corporate events gives Divine Events + Cafe insight on how to generate excitement for coworkers during their amazing cooking classes. Headquartered at their chef’s kitchen, Divine Events uses friendly competition to turn up the heat as groups go head to head to create their best version of dishes chosen by judges. Topped off with dessert, this four-course feast breeds collaboration as guests learn secret recipes and expert preparation techniques to create authentic food from around the world.

Omega Land Sailing

Just outside of Las Vegas is the infamous Area 51, a long-time rumoured secret Air Force base where supposed aliens hang out and X-Files stories happen in real life. While you can’t go to the base without top secret security clearance, you can explore the nearby Area 51 Dreamlands with Omega Land Sailing. Also known as Sand Yachting, these versatile vehicles are grounded versions of their aquatic counterparts and average speeds of 55 miles per hour. Omega offers groups an experience of a lifetime allowing colleagues to zip around the desert and share in a five hour tour creating positive memories in the meantime.

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The High Roller

Coworkers who drink together, think together, and there isn’t a better view to celebrate an open bar with than at the Linq’s High Roller. For thirty minutes, High Roller’s Open Bar in the Sky gives guests a party with an immaculate view of the Las Vegas Strip. Set for one full rotation in the High Roller, the 550 foot observation wheel includes 28 separate spacious cabins for attendees to let loose. Conveniently located in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd, the High Roller’s close proximity to dozens of hotels and convention sites gives event planners a perfect location for team building.

Recharging your batteries with coworkers can be a big opportunity to build trust and camaraderie for companies, helping push each other to achieve goals both in and out of the office space. For those planning festivities for the next great conference, look no further than TMEG’s best Las Vegas Team Building Activities.

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