If you’ve ever wanted to live the Fast & Furious life without an infuriating price tag, Speed Vegas’ exotic car rental collection may be for you. Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are types of vehicles available for leasing as guests are able to push these machines to their limits with their on-site racetrack. Charged on a per lap basis, Speed Vegas’ racetrack features twelve turns, longer straights, and up to thirty-five percent more drive time. Go visit to get your blood, heart rate, and lead foot pumping!


The world’s largest video screen stretching four blocks in length is TMEG’s next pick as a top thing to do. Resting ninety feet above downtown Las Vegas’ Fremont street experience, the Viva Vision Light Show is a six-minute audiovisual performance featuring music from Tiesto, Linkin Park, and The Killers running at the start of every hour.


One of most iconic structures in Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino on The Strip is an eye-catcher stretching 1,149 feet in height. From top to bottom, the Stratosphere embraces fun as Michael Jackson tribute shows, rooftop pool parties, and Sky Lounges are just some of the entertainment options for visitors. If gambling is not thrilling enough, at the tip of Stratosphere are theme park rides where guests can bungee jump until their heart stops.


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