Offering an abundance of Asian-fusion dishes, the Hakkasan restaurant located at MGM gives a new age twist on classic food combinations. Known for their vegetarian Dim Sum, this establishment is a hotbed of up and coming chefs pushing culinary boundaries. A sophisticated cocktail program also assures Hakkasan’s commitment to next level dining experiences as their Greek Tragedy combines gin, cilantro syrup, and Greek yogurt for a concoction guaranteed to make you scream “THIS IS SPARTA!”


Headed by James Beard Award-winning Chef Shawn McClain, Sage restaurant located in the Aria Hotel offers a reimagined approach to American cuisine. Fresh cut steaks & wormwood beverages are gems in this establishment as wagyu filet and New York strips pair with Lucid and Butterfly branded absinthe. Prideful of their eclectic selections, vegan tasting menus gives those more earthbound a delectable grouping to try during a visit to the standout Sage. 


A tale of two continents, the China Poblano restaurant inside of Cosmopolitan brings Chinese culture and Mexican influence into a fusion-based eatery destined to turn tastebuds into tastebros. Michelin star chef Jose Andres, was named as one of Time Magazine's “Most Influential People” as he pushes for innovation in the kitchen. Duck tongue tacos, barbeque dim sum, and lamb pot stickers give guests a unique combination of creation and tradition. Topping off food with Mexican mimosas, Shiso spicy margaritas, and more show that China Poblano’s unorthodox ideas can actually blend as well as tequila and lime.


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